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Scraminal Dog & Cat Deterrent

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  All purpose audible trainer. Vet tested and approved.
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  Fully automatic, using heat and motion sensors. Keep wild or domestic animals away from people or property.
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Indoor Perimeter Control:
Keep animals out of restricted areas.
Uses heat and motion sensors.


  • Fully automatic - audible sound
  • Use for spot coverage, or up to a 10'x3' area
  • Keep your pets away from breakables, dangerous areas, or off the furniture
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    Cat and Dog Deterrent

    Use the Scraminal® for indoor perimeter control. The Scraminal® uses heat and motion sensors to keep animals out of off-limit areas. The device emits an audible sound as a humane deterrent to keep pets out of certain rooms, off the furniture, or from any designated area. Works extremely well with cats.

    Fully Automatic! Using heat and motion sensors the Scraminal® detects animal entering protected area, emits a series of short, high-pitched beeps, which repel your pet, and train it to stay away from designated areas. Automatically resets - ready for the next intrusion.

    Use For Many Areas! Scraminal® can be used to keep pets off of furniture, out of certain rooms, away from dangerous areas, away from curtains, plants, entryways, etc.

    Unlike ultrasonics which are ineffective, the Scraminal® obtains immediate, and safe results.

    ** Safe to use around children.


    Warranty: One year repair/replacement against manufacturing defects from time of purchase.
    Does not apply to products misused or damaged by customer, pets or animals.

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